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Car Turntables

Our turntables enable parking in narrow driveways eliminating dangerous reversing and the increased flexibility can allow for additional parking. They can often help you obtain planning consent too.

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Ultra Thin

Turntables are as little as 35mm high! This means it can easily be laid straight onto your existing driveway or showroom floor doing away with the all the expenses and complications associated with large groundworks.

Smooth operation

We use a 3 phase motor with an inverter drive allowing you to connect to a standard 230v mains supply but with all the advantages of an intelligent 3 phase drive system. The motor has fully adjustable speed with customisable acceleration and deacceleration to give a soft, smooth turn every time.

Precision engineering

We use high grade aluminium treadplate lasercut to sub-millimeter accuracy. Internal parts are made from high spec engineering nylons and stainless steel tested for their reliability and long term durability. We pride ourselves with our impeccable attention to detail assuring you a sound investment.

Built for safety

Strict to quality standards the turntable meets all ESHR legal directives. No small gaps ensures maximum safety for your kids.